Hardware Accelerated Blockchain

Crypto Engine

A parallel processing machine dedicated to digital signature/verification(ECDSA) is on board.

Enhanced DB

The existing NoSQL DB speed is limitedto hundreds of thousands of TPS.
Through the improved DB based on H/W will achieve 1M TPS.

Interface Card

Processes hundreds of thousands of Units of Concurrent Sockets through multiports.
Return the data immediately from the NIC level through the Read Cache.

Processing Unit

The BPU optimized for Blockchain operations processesmost Blockchain operations without having to go through the CPU.
Improve the speed up through NIC↔BPU↔DB direct processing.


Service Types

Public cloud

Provides a public interface for using the high-speed Blockchain run by the MEDIUM Foundation.

Private cloud

Provides the MEDIUM Blockchain seperated by Private network for Enterprise needs.


MEDIUM Blockchain is provided directly in the shape of an Appliance
MEDIUM Foundation supports Enterprise needs on demand.