Security Micro SD Card and Smartphone App

Blockey Wallet


  Security Micro SD

  • Provides the cryptocurrency cold wallet with security micro SD card on a smartphone
  • Separates the storage for private key from your smartphone
  • Provides trust-zone to store your private key and signs the transactions internally so that your private key is not exposed to the external

  Encrypted storage

  • Stores encrypted multi-media data ; photos, video, and documents

Convenient with a Smaprtphone

Supports multi-dimensional authentication based on user’s security level

  • Provides limited service based on user’s security level
  • Supports authentication of a fingerprint, PIN number, a pattern on a smartphone

Remit & Pay via QR code

  • Request cryptocurrency by sending QR code without address input
  • Scan QR code and pay a merchant with cryptocurrency

Manage Various Cryptocurrency in Real-time

Supports various cryptocurrency
and easy asset management

  • Supports for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, etc.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of retained and interested cryptocurrency

Supports DEX to enable P2P transaction

  • Provides own developed decentralized exchange for reasonable-fee P2P transaction and payment