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Be chained & Feel it The Supreme speed resides in MEDIUM BLOCKCHAIN


MEDIUM provides an innovative, hyper speed blockchain platform applicable to any industry. Medium's ‘Hardware acceleration technology' delivers incredible speed while preserving reliability and is now available through Medium’s BPU.

Hyper speed technology for MEDIUM Blockchain

Revolutionize innovation, MEDIUM

MEDIUM's hardware-based Blockchain Processing Unit (BPU) dedicated to blockchain provides the highest level of block-chain systems for enterprise system innovation. The traditional Private blockchains reached their performance limits as the resources like CPUs, memories, and SSDs, which used to process server computing, now process transactions and blocks. This has led to the overloading of the entire system.
MEDIUM has developed -dedicated block-chain computing hardware that consists of independent resources and hardware for processing major functions of blockchain individually. The hardware is also applied with parallel processing technique for transactions and blocks.
MEDIUM's Blockchain Processing Unit (BPU) processes signatures, DB, network, and smart contracting features at very high speed without buffering the CPU.

Dedicated chip for Blockchain, BPU

Enhanced DB
TCP Offload Engine Intergaration
Crypto Engine
Blockchain Processing Unit
MEDIUM ASIC | Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  • Crypto Engine
    Loaded ASIC parallel processing machine with high-performance for electronic signature and verification(ESDSA*)
  • Blockchain Processing Unit (BPU)
    Processes smart contract request directly from a network interface card in BPU optimized for Blockchain operation, not in CPU
    Produces a block with more than 1 million transactions through H/W processing a large amount of execution in parallel
  • TCP Offload Engine Integration
    Processes hundreds of thousands of concurrent signals via multi ports
    Reads cache from the NIC to immediately return the requested data to reduce the load caused by reading transactions on Blockchain
  • Enhanced DB
    Develops improved DB based on H/W to achieve 1 million TPS because the speed of NoSQL* DB is limited

MEDIUM Appliance Package

Blockchain dedicated chip, BPU
Application Specific Integrated Circuit
Smart contract request through NIC
Request processing using Smart Contract-dedicated chips for Smart Contract
Request processing using DB and Crypto Engine
Delivering results via NIC
MEDIUM Blockchain

With MEDIUM Appliance


    MEDIUM's Private Blockchain platform applied to limited decentralization network, which is applied to enterprises or institutes requiring participating node management or to consortia between enterprises.
    MEDIUM provides blockchain appliances, and clients are enabled to embed these MEDIUM appliances in an environment where the blockchain performance is maximized. Also, clients are given the ability to realize a stand-alone blockchain platform which is cut off from external networks.
    The Private blockchain model implements the MEDIUM platform in an environment where the enterprise cannot gain access to the network for security reasons, in an externally blocked network environment. Therefore, these blockchain solutions or DApp development is carried out by the workforce and engineers within the client company.

    MEDIUM inter-chains blockchain consortia around the world with public blockchains to form an hyper speed public blockchain network that can be used without restrictions on the area. Anyone around world who need hyper speed blockchain, including small and medium-sized businesses, entities, and individuals can share the innovation and value using MEDIUM Public Blockchain through Wallet, SDK, and DApp.
    Are you considering transferring to the private model? Medium’s public blockchain supports an easy transfer to the private model, even when the number of users rapidly increases.
    Also, it assigns in one interface using an identical cloud architecture. Become a partner of the ultra-fast blockchain platform, the MEDIUM blockchain and take part in a blockchain network that connects everyone and everything.

    Hybrid Blockchain is a hybrid blockchain platform model, which is basically a private blockchain type that can manage participating nodes, but it also bears the characteristics of both Private and Public Blockchains participating in MEDIUM network.
    For companies, organizations, and consortia with a specific specification for implementing hyper speed blockchain nodes, proxies can be connected to the MEDIUM network to achieve MEDIUM blockchain environment at a reasonable cost.
    Do not worry about information leakage. Information such as client transactions is encrypted using security technology such as zero-knowledge proof.
    Now you can safely and readily install and use solutions or DApp that are registered in the blockchain marketplace, even on secure networks.
Reliable hyper Speed Blockchain'
Worried about the installation? About the management?

Take it easy. It’s MEDIUM
MEDIUM provides an hyper speed blockchain that is easy to use for both companies that are new to blockchain and those who are already using existing blockchains, regardless of industry or region.
  • Smart Contract
  • Blockchain based automated transactionK Make a deal quickly and efficiently.
  • Real-time bulk transaction processing
  • Even if there is a very large transaction taking place Medium supports verification of high-speed transaction records and sharing of records between participants in real time.
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Medium provides convenient management tools to monitor data block creation and blockchain networks.
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