Chain the faith, MEDIUM

Be chained, and we can change the world


Energy for orchestrating values


Don't blink, It's MEDIUM

Medium blockchain’s innovative speed is powerful enough to instantly bring about many changes. Don’t wait for it. Just rely on it.


Dive into diversity

At the heart of a more convenient and reliable, world is Medium. Values in the world have countless forms


Medium's final milestone is your smile

The innovation brought by Medium gives a vision on pursuing the happiness of humankind. At the heart of a more convenient and reliable world, there is Medium.

What We Do


Medium leads ‘the era of hyper -connectivity’, connecting everything through hyper speed blockchain.

Meet our groundbreaking blockchain platform and network, Realized by MEDIUM’s ‘hardware acceleration technique’ including Crypto Engine and Enhanced DB, and by BPU specifically designed for only the blockchain aside from just CPU.


Setting up a new standard
for cryptocurrency wallet

a hybrid wallet that will become the new normal of blockchain wallet that combines both security and convenience.
User-friendly PC security solution


Thinking of using the inconvenient cold wallet, just because of security?

The activity analysis on PC users has allowed collecting only the essential features.


MEDIUM Core Value

We work with creative ideas, flexible thinking and enterprising spirit.
We respect, care for our co-workers and communicate with open minds.
The best pride in us keeps us tackling new challenges.
We take responsibilities for our decisions and build trust.


  • Founder of ACTOS soft(Y1996), IPO (Y2001) 傳奇 service, in China(The First On-line Game in China)

    Founder and CEO of MEIDUM Inc. (Y2018~)

    Founder of WEMADE Entertainment (Y2000), IPO (Y2009)

    Kahn Hyun
  • (주)스마트이노베이션


    Pan-jong Kim
  • Applied Micro Circuits Corporation CSO of Korea(Y2010~2013)

    Broadcom : CSO of Korea (Y2006~2010)

    CSR : CSO of Korea (Y2001~2006)

    TG Han
    AdministrationVice President
  • KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Master SAMSUNG Electronics

    Ahems : CIO ->KoreaTelecom ( Takeover)

    Andrew Park
    R&D Center CTO
  • PDM / CCO_IOT사업총괄

    sigongmedia / Creative Director

    JFstudio / CEO

    Baeyoung Myung
    NI Planning Dept CCO
  • CSO at Aston / Xblocksystems


    System Enginner at IBM
    and NHN

    Youngjun Cho
    Strategic Planning Dept Director

What's on MEDIUM?


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