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convenience or security


The security of a cold wallet and the convenience of hot wallet at the same time!
Another core service provided by Medium, who proves the world's fastest blockchain technology
Hardware Security

Hardware Security

Are you still using the inconvenient cold wallet?

To enhance the security, BLOCKEY is equipped with the hardware security method of storing the private key in the Secure Element area of Micro Controller Unit (MCU), which is specially manufactured, and has the convenience of software wallet that can be easily traded without any device manipulation. If you want free trade while being protected from hacking, BLOCKEY is the answer.

Support for major token SWAP

Token exchange unconstrained by the exchange

BLOCKEY supports major coins such as BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens. The exchange between ETH and ERC20 tokens, or among ERC20 tokens is possible within the BLOCKEY service without any separate external services such as exchanges.
* More Coins will be added continuously. ERC20 tokens can be arbitrarily registered by the user

Secure storages provided

Do you have secret files to store?

BLOCKEY provides 'secure storage' that can store not only cryptocurrencies but files with various extensions. This secret and secure space, which is not exposed in any way unless you are authenticated, is the ultimate secret safe for storing valuable materials.

Hacking and
Virus Aegis HAVAEG

The most convenient and secure vaccine and computer security management solution for personal and corporate PC users

Simple, User-Friendly

After defining PC users' activity types including web browsing, file execution, and file editing, Complex and unnecessary features are deleted while filling up the blank with functions that are most needed by users.


  • Vaccine
  • With No.1 vaccine engine in the world, the erroneous detection of the virus is minimized.
  • PC Cleaner
  • Prevents performance degradation through PC and program cleanups.
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Enhanced whitelisting algorithms are reflected through file protection, encryption, MBR protection, and process control


  • Easy Scan
    Manual Scan
    Real Time Scan
    Scanning Compressed Files
    Execution Compression Scan
    Real-time Mail Scan
    Boot Sector Scan
    Toolkit Scan
    Scheduled Scan
  • Program Event Log Management
    Virus Diagnosis Log Management
PC Cleaner
  • Windows temporary file cleanup
    trash-can cleanup
    internet temporary file cleanup
    internet cookie cleanup
    auto-complete password removal
  • Specifying target extension list for monitoring
    Read/Write/Changing extension properties control
    Exception folder policy setting
    Specifying target volume for monitoring
  • Whitelist setting
    exception policy setting
    automatic/manual-control policy setting
  • password feature setting
    tamper prevention setting
  • Diagnostic log management for MBR tampering prevention


기존 화이트리스트 제어는
PC의 모든 프로세스를 통제하는 방식으로,
시스템 과부하 문제가 발생합니다.
when a ransomware accesses key files,
it supports local precision control to solve the system overload problem.

렌섬웨어 검사 예시


  • Ransomware infected files
  • Practice
  • 화이트리스트
  • Excel File Execution

  • Ransomware infected files


  • Hash comparison
    *hash comparison objective process
  • Ransomware blocking

Key improvements

Whitelist control based on command and purpose process

Determine whether the data is normal by comparing the process purpose and application hash

Data classification for tracking abnormal loading processes

Privacy Policy
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